Sunday, December 03, 2006

Final Thoughts on SL:

I like SL. Ha. I know in my last post i said i didn't like it at the moment. But, as i predicted, the more i knew how to use the program the more i liked it.

it was interesting to gather as a class in this online world. i was really surprised at how different chatting is in SL. i didn't think pictures and images would drastically change the online chatting experience, but it did.

the online speaker was very interesting to talk to. She fit in perfectly with my paper. SL definitely can affect people's relationships with each other. She was talking about her and her guy had bought and built a house...just like couples do in real life. it adds this extra element of "reality". it's strange. i can see though the benefits of SL in a long distance relationship. It's a way you can live "life" together.

It was fun to see each other's avatars. I wish i knew who each person was. each person made their avatar unique and personal to them. i was trying to guess who was whom, but in all honesty, i have no idea.

After this class I might continue to go on every now and then. i don't see myself building a life on there. It will probably be just a place to go when i'm bored. i dont' know if i'd want to necessarily take a class on there either. i liked going to class there. Maybe an occasional class in SL would be good...but not the whole course.

SL will have a big impact on many people. I think it will catch on soon enough.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Second Life.

What do i think about SL? I think it's interesting. I think there are many people who enjoy it. I don't think, however, that it is the future of how we are to run our lives like some of the articles that we read were suggesting.

SL's interface is hard to use. The system is slow and it takes a long time to actually figure out how to use the program. These things of course will get better with time. Personally, I don't really see the point of the program. Why would I want a "second" life, when I already have the first one to deal with? At this moment, I only view this program as another way to waste time.

I do not want to say that SL is stupid. I see a lot of potential in it. I'm sure when the telephone was invented people didn't understand why people would want to have conversations that weren't face-to-face. Maybe this is the beginning of a new and "better" way to communicate. Of course it's not going to be great in the beginning. It takes time for something to evolve. I can see people using it for online classrooms. Right now, it seems though, that it's too much work to have this on a regular basis.

I'm going to have to agree with David. I also don't understand why people are using real money to buy "virtual" land. It seems silly to me to buy something that isn't real. I understand if SL is a hobby. If that's your thing- go for it...spend as much money as you want.

I think SL will definitely continue to be around, but i think it will just be people's hobby. It will be like hanging out on a message board or talking on aim, but it won't completely consume every aspect of our lives. It's just another tool to communicate with people.

Friday, November 24, 2006 update on my project...

tomorrow i will be interviewing the will be interesting i suppose. i've also realized that filming is a lot harder than anticipated. my brother seems to be the problem though. he's so loud...and always in the background...the kid needs to learn to shut up.


i am sad that UT lost...this is not cool. this is a very sad day.

i haven't used the internet much this week because i've been home with the family and pretty much everyone i communicate with is here.

my great aunt katie is in town from wrote a post back a few weeks ago about the internet and old people. my aunt is 74 and she has absolutly no problem using it. she uses it all the time...on a daily basis. she's pretty cool though...she knows all the current events in politics and pop culture...she went off on a tangent about how much she thinks paris hilton is an idiot.

i plan on writing her emails more often.

i hope everyone enjoyed their thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

the internet.

how did i use it this week?'s pretty much the same as it has always been. Email, facebook, aim. That's all. Actually, i have been using it for it's most important use- research- for the paper obviously.

I have decided that they should have a class people can take to learn how to use the search tools properly. I always have a hard time using google search. it's hard for me to know exactly what i'm looking for when i search. i'm also not very patient when sorting through the search results.

i'm sure there is a class already created. i should look into that. it will save me a lot of time.

so...if anyone knows of one...let me know!

it was my stepsister and two of my friend's birthday today. i facebooked them. ha...that's lame. i really should have called.

ohhhhhhhhh....and i can listen to the radio on the internet!...ha...i'm sure everyone knows about that already...but i just thought about it...jammin 105.9 is the greatest station in the world....and i can listen to it online. life is good.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

ArticaVamp (11:40:09 PM): Hah - The processor I spent nearly 400 dollars on a little over a year ago is now re tailing for 86.99
Only A Passerby (11:40:16 PM): hahahahahahahha
Only A Passerby (11:40:20 PM): don't you hate technology
ArticaVamp (11:40:24 PM): More than life itself.
ArticaVamp (11:40:38 PM): And my motherboard which was expensive as hell is now obsolete. Man life is swell.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

last thursday in class the topic of human interaction came up. will people stop interacting with people in person and live their lives in isolation only communicating through the internet?...

i completely believe that people will never stop interacting with each other on a human level. we need community. it's as simple as that. people long to be in the company of each other and although online communities do exist, it's not nearly the same. your five senses are narrowed down to only one. you're unable to fully experience another individual if that person is not there. living life on a computer is not nearly as fulfilling as living a real life. some people may prefer to live life on the computer because it's more convienent and easier to deal with and may feel like they are able to be themselves more, but i honestly don't believe that they will experience the same intensity as real life brings.

i spoke briefly in class about my relationship with santiago (ha...i'm really just using this as an excuse to post a picture of us...i'm lameee) . maybe i feel so admently about living real life because of my experience with him. santiago and i used to go to school together but he abruptly moved to canada about two years ago. e-mail and aim were tools we used to continue to talk to one another. they say that distance makes the heart grow fonder...and in our case, that's what happened. after a year and a half and a billion emails and aim conversations later, we both concluded that there was no other step but to see each other again. so i went up there.
i tell you this to show that the internet can only take you so far. last week, i impulsively deleted aim off of my computer. why? because i was frustrated. when there is such a great distance between you and someone you care about, you become frustrated. aim is something that connects us to one another, and in that moment, while i was sitting at the computer, wishing to talk to him and him not being on, i just became overwhelmed with annoyance, and frustration both with the situation and myself - frustration and annoyance with myself because i was wasting time sitting there, staring at the screen, doing absolutely nothing.

internet can be both a gift and a curse. i've been able to continue and develop a really great relationship with someone, but at the same time, it can cause a lot of pain and anguish. it reminds me of the freud quote in the book...if the internet weren't here, we wouldn't have been able to have this relationship, therefore, no pain and anguish. however, i know that i wouldn't trade what i have for anything else...and i definitely view the internet as a gift...

Sunday, October 29, 2006

for some reason or another i have been thinking about the generation gap again. this whole idea completely fascinates me.

my mother was telling me about more grandpa stories with his computer (note: that picture isn't actually of my's a google i breaking some sort of copy right law?...maybe...this blog is for education!...that's my defense). Apparently, my grandpa couldn't figure out how to unplug his computer. i mean...something as simple as that...he just doesn't understand.

i also really like the quote in a gift of fire:

Every time a 42-year-old figures out how to lock something up, a 14-year-old is going to figure out a new program. - Jim Griffin

it's so true...the younger you are and the longer you're raised in this technological environment, the more capable you are in using it. it's almost like an instinct that the younger generations have that the older just doesn't. i was watching tv and there was a commercial selling little toy digital cameras for's bizarre to think that little kids are going to grow up with plastic toy digital cameras...when i was little...we just had fake cameras...

speaking of digital cameras and little mom's friend lost all of her children's photos- all of them. her computer crashed and they were lost. so...everyone...put your pictures on a backup CD or print them out...just to be safe...because you could end up like her...and not have any baby pictures...

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